KAIST, Fall 2016

How is your application assessed?

We evaluate your application based on the following factors:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)

    First of all we make sure that your GPA fulfills the university's GPA and language requirement (if any). Next, the applicants with the highest GPA's to the individual universities will be assessed for selection for the individual exchange spots.
  • Study Plan

    In addition, we look at the courses that you have listed on your application to see if they correspond with the study area that the agreement with the specific university covers. 

  • Language Requirements

    Finally, we look at the language requirements for each university and whether you meet the criteria or not. We make sure that you have uploaded the necessary documentation in the application on Beyond Borders - it can be anything from an official language test (TOEFL, IELTS...), an official DTU letter, your high school grades or a receipt for having registered for a language test before departure.

What GPA do you need to go on exchange?

As long as you have a GPA of minimum 2 you will be able to go on exchange. In Beyond Borders, you can see the expected GPA for all of our partner universities. If you do not meet the GPA of a university that you wish to apply for, we encourage you to prioritize a couple of universities where you have a better chance of being selected. 

The final GPA rests in general on three different factors: 

  1. How many spots are available
  2. How many applications we receive
  3. What GPA our applicants have.

As all three factors may differ from year to year, it is impossible to announce beforehand what the exact GPA may end up being for a specific university. However, as the final GPA is related to the popularity of the universities to which we receive the most applications for, please be aware that for some the GPA may end up over 10. 

Increase your chances and think outside the box

If you would like to go on exchange, we always encourage you to list several priorities in your application and apply broadly. This way, there are still many options left if we were not able to select you for your first priority,

In the case of no offer - apply again

If you did not receive an exchange spot with your first application, please do not get discouraged. You will still be able to apply again for the many remaining spots in our second application round. In most cases, we have not been able to give you an exchange spot if your GPA has not been high enough. This often happens if many students apply to the same popular universities as yourself, which will drive the GPA up. Alternatively, the cause may be that you have applied to university agreements that only cover one or more specific educational level(s) (BSc, BEng and/or MSc). 

Regardless of the reason, we encourage you to apply again in our second application round for the  many available exchange spots at our top partner institutions around the world. If you applied for an exchange spot in the first application round and were rejected, you will preferentially be considered for the selection of spots. All previous DTU applicants as well as new applicants are welcome to (re-)apply.

Please notice, that you can not re-apply if you've already been selected for an exchange spot during the first application round.  

19 MAY 2024