Study Abroad

As a DTU-student you have many opportunities to go abroad during your studies - everything from a semester in Shanghai to a fixed programme in Stockholm is possible. 
Read on below to find out which opportunity may be right for you.

Exchange abroad

An exchange stay is the natural choice if you wish to study abroad for 1-2 semesters as as part of your DTU degree. With more than 100 international partner universities spread across the globe, there are many interesting universities to choose from - some among the best universities in the world.

Most students apply for one semester (30 ECTS points) abroad as an integrated part of their study programme. However it is possible to apply for an entire academic year on exchange if it suits your study programme. 
In both cases, you'll apply in our online application system, Beyond Borders, but if you wish to apply for an entire year, please send an email to the responsible contact person here at DTU after the selection for an exchange position. 

Joint International Programmes

An international joint programme is a great option, if you would like to strengthen you academic profile, while at the same time obtaining international experience and knowledge from some of the best universities in the world through a structured programme. 

Summer school abroad

Going on summer school abroad may be ideal, if you wish to study abroad for a shorter period of time. This way you can complete 5 to 10 ECTS-point over the summer and still experience a different university culture and the international student life. 

Self-arranged studies abroad

If you have the time and resources you also have the opportunity of personally arranging your studies abroad. This may for example be relevant if the university of your choice is not among DTU’s many partner universities.

TU Delft
If you are applying for exchange in EU/ EEA it is referred to as an Erasmus+ exchange and you will be able to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship for your studies. 

Other than that, you can just follow all the regular steps in your application for exchange. 
Read much more on DTU's many partner universities and see which exchange agreements you can apply for all around the world on DTU Beyond Borders.