Finances and scholarships

Going on exchange does not have to cost a fortune. On the contrary, most DTU students are able to study abroad without a significant amount of extra expenses.

No tuition fee

As an exchange student, you do not need to pay tuition fees in order to study at the university abroad. This is due the fact that, as the name implies, DTU's exchange agreement with partner universities abroad entails both incoming and outgoing students to DTU and to the host universities. This is one of the biggest differences between going on exchange and going on a self-arranged study abroad. 

Living costs and expenses*

When you are on exchange, you will of course have the usual everyday expenses as you would at home for things such as housing, food and transportation. On top of that, you will most likely have extra expenses for insurance abroad, plane tickets and potentially various administrative costs in connection to, for example, a student visa and so on.

SU, grants and scholarships

As an exchange student from DTU you will usually be able to receive SU during your studies abroad and in addition to that you may apply for:

*Please always be aware that it is hard, if not impossible to generalize when it comes to living costs and expenses abroad, as it will always be up to how much money you decide to spend on housing, travelling and so forth.