Why study abroad?

Going on exchange is seen as an integrated part of your DTU programme and there are many good reasons to study abroad, which amongst others give you the opportunity to:

- Boost your CV
Having an exchange stay listed on your CV may help give you an international angle and edge for your future job search and career. It is up to you what you choose to highlight from your studies abroad - maybe specific courses you have completed, unique research facilities or professors you may have had the opportunity to work with or the personal growth you will have gained both academically and personally abroad. 

- Improve your language skills

By studying abroad you will have a great possibility to improve your language skills, whether you choose to go to an English-speaking country maybe or a country with another local - and teaching language such as Spanish, Italian or German. Either way this could be a great strength as you look for international career possibilities later on.

- Create an international network
Once abroad, you will have great opportunities to get an international network of friends and contacts at your host university, as you will meet local and international students, teachers and staff from all corners of the world. Additionally, you may choose to join a local sports club/ community or one of the many clubs and societies available at most universities abroad.

Having an international network of friends and contacts may provide you with a new perspective on the world, your studies and maybe even your life in general. On top of that, your ability to understand and work together with people from all different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities will come to your advantage, as you look for a job and career as a global engineer.

- Experience and learn to adapt to a whole new culture
As part of being on exchange, you will need to keep an open mind as well as a willingness to both understand and adapt to the new country and culture you will a part of. You will learn to work with students and professors across many different cultures - a strength that is sought by employers and international companies today and may as a result give you a great advantage, when both expanding your network at DTU as well applying for a job after you graduate.

All in all - by studying abroad you will have many great opportunities to acquire a variety of new skills as well as grow academically and personally whilst having the experience of a lifetime!

19 MAY 2024