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Summer school abroad

Interested in studying abroad, but not for a full semester? Then attending a summer school abroad may be a great opportunity for you.

Summer schools stays abroad are generally offered in June, July or August. There you can study for 3-4 weeks and complete around 5-10 ECTS abroad. Read on below to learn about the two different ways of planning your summer school abroad.

Summer school: exchange abroad

The first and easiest choice is to use the summer school agreements, which DTU has with a number of universities abroad. If you choose this option, you will not need to pay tuition to study at the university abroad, and we can assist you with the application process. This is done in the same way as when you apply for regular exchange, so click here to follow the steps.
DTU has only a limited number of summer school agreements. You will be able to see the offer for next summer by January 15th on 'Beyond Borders' by limiting your search under 'Period of stay' to 'Summer University'. If you would like to get an idea of what may potentially be on offer before that, please check out previous summer school travel reports under "Search in travel reports" tab on Beyond Borders - choose "Summer" under the "Period of stay".

See all deadlines here.

To be selected for a summer school spot, DTU requires that you transfer ECTS from your exchange on summer school to your study program at DTU.
DTU does not require you to have obtained a specific number of ECTS before departure. However, please check the webpage of the host university for specific admission requirements. 

Please note that it is only possible to be allocated one exchange spot per summer period. 

Summer school: self-arranged study abroad

The second option is to plan and fund the summer school stay abroad yourself. The process for this is identical to the one of self-arranged study abroad, where you will need to pay a tuition fee to study at the university abroad, but to help cover for this you can apply for the Study Abroad Scholarship (udlandsstipendium). 

19 MAY 2024