Self-arranged study abroad

If you would like to study at a university that DTU does not have an exchange agreement with, you can choose to personally plan and finance your studies abroad. Learn more about the difference between self-arranged study abroad and exchange below.

Exchange through DTU

When you go on exchange through one of DTU's university agreements, we will help and guide you through many of the steps you need to take to plan you studies abroad. On top of that, as the agreements are based on the exchange of in- and outgoing students, you will not need to pay tuition to study at the host university abroad. 

Study abroad outside of DTU's agreements

If you choose to plan your study abroad outside of DTU's agreements you will always have to pay tuition fee to study at the university abroad. To help pay for this you can apply for the SU Study Abroad Scholarship (in Danish: udlandsstipendium), which will cover everything from a small to a majority of the tuition depending on which university you choose abroad.

As your studies abroad will in this case not be within our university exchange agreements, we are not able to guide you. It will be your responsibility to apply to the university abroad as well as ensure that all the practical matters are taken care of. Please note, you will still need to apply for pre-approval of credit transfer (merit) before you leave for your studies abroad.
19 MAY 2024