SU Study Abroad Scholarship

The SU Study Abroad Scholarship (udlandsstipendium) is available for students who receive SU and will need to pay tuition fee for their studies abroad.

What is the SU Study Abroad Scholarship?

The SU Scholarship is awarded by Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen towards the payment of tuition fees for students who go on self-arranged studies abroad outside of DTU’s exchange agreements.

You can apply for the scholarship for a semester, summer school or a full degree abroad – however, keep in mind that it is required for you to be able to transfer the credits for the courses abroad to your study programme at DTU. The completion of an exam project abroad is not supported by the scholarship, as the project will not be credit transferred to DTU.

If you wish to apply for the SU Study Abroad Scholarship towards a full degree abroad, you will need to send in your application directly to Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen.

When do you apply for the SU Study Abroad Scholarship as part of your degree at DTU?

Please be aware that there are many different requirements in order to be eligible to apply. Please read through all of the terms and conditions on the SU website.

You apply by filling out the application form, enclosing the required documents and sending it to

You can apply up to 12 months before your studies commence abroad, and we will only accept your application at the very latest before the termination of you stay.
Late applications will not be accepted.

For any questions, please contact Ellen Marie Kongsbak Hansen.
19 MAY 2024